Explorer is a complete learning programme designed for students in Primary & Secondary schools, to improve English Comprehension, enrich Scientific Understanding, and build 21st Century Leadership Skills through exposure to global issues and world cultures with National Geographic. (%dMagazineTitle%) is the recommended reading level for you!
~ Amazing photographs
~ Easy to read articles
~ Real stories by real explorers

The programme comes with 7 issues of magazine throughout the school year, virtual lessons for every story to take you behind the scenes with National Geographic, and also access to customized websites and games for cool and fun activities! You will also receive a gift of National Geographic Colour Pencil Set, while stocks last!

Only in your school for a limited time, sign-up now by completing the form on the reverse side and return it during our Canteen Collection dates of (%CollectionDate%).

Sign-up now and "Explore" the world with National Geographic today!
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